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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to get my order?
A. We process and ship you order as quickly as possible. However, as with most mail order
businesses, we ask that you allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Q. How do you ship the orders?
A. Orders are shipped U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation. Orders shipped outside the continental U.S. will be sent via air mail.

Q. How can I check the status of my order?
A. Just e-mail us with your information, and we’ll get right back to you. Be sure to provide us with your first and last name, order number, and the date you placed your order.

Q. Can you mail me a catalogue?
A. We don't have a catalog, everything we sell is on the website.

Q. Do you ship outside the U.S.? How much does it cost?
A. We ship all over the world. All customs and duty fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

Q. What is your return and exchange policy?
RETURNS: Notify us by email of any returns within 30 days of receiving your package. If an item is damaged, return it and we will send you a replacement. We will refund shipping charges if you return the items and we'll also pay to ship the new item. If the item is returned for any other reason, it must be in good, original unused condition.

EXCHANGES: Notify us by email of any exchanges within 30 days of receiving your package. Please include your phone number. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the recipient.

SHORTAGES: Notify us by email (and include your phone number) of any shortages within 7 days of receiving your package.We will ship the shorted item as promptly as possible.

Q. My credit card shows a charge from and no charge form weesner studios. why?
A. Your credit card is charged through a seperate shopping cart that we lease. Chargebacks cost us a hefty fee, so if you are in doubt of this charge, please email us right away.

Q. How do I know if the order I placed online went through?
A. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you after you place your order. Normally you will receive this confirmation within 4 days. Please contact us, and we will check our records for you.

Q. Is it safe to place orders online.
A. uses a 128bit encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and all orders are passed through this encryption. This encryption is certified and verified by Verisign, the Internets leading security agency.

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through the site only (we don't have an independant credit card machine, but will process your order through the site for you if you send your credit card via email or mail). By mail we accept money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks payable in U.S. funds. Please expect that we will wait 10 days upon deposit of your personal checks before we send merchandise.

Q. I saw your booth at Paso Robles. Do you have a booth at any other shows?
A. Yes, we sell at a few car shows every year. We do our best to mail and e-mail our customers and friends to let them know what we’re up to.

Thanks for you questions.

Keith at Weesner Studios